President’s Relief Fund

President's relief fund is mainly intended to help the poor, suffering people in the panchayat. The fund is mobilized by accepting donations from variousm institutions, persons or business organisations. The fund will be utilised for any casualities like accidents, natural disasters etc.. of the people in Thuravoor panchayat. Anyone can donate into the fund. Account is opened for this purpose with account no 4595 in the Thuravoor Service CO- Operative Bank. All helping minds are welcome.
  • Our President


    Anitha Kuttappan

  • We are committed to extend a helping hand to the distressed people with your kind co-operation. I humbly appeal to each and every one of you to generously donate to this ''Relief Fund" and become proud partners in serving the mankind.

  • Vice President

    vice president

    M.P. Martin

Committee Members

  • C O Joseph

  • C K Babu

  • V Viswanathan

  • Santhosh Panikar

  • K S Sajeev

  • K K Polachan

  • Elsy Varghese

  • Jessy Joy

  • Lagy Baby

  • Litty poulose

  • Pushpa Ragesh

  • Shiji Poulose

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